PRIME Data Validation

Updated network data = Happy members

PRIME is the synthesis of sophisticated information technology and highly trained, specialized staff with expertise and experience conducting provider outreach. Because the only effective way to achieve the industry’s highest accuracy level is through direct, primary source data validation and attestation, PRIME contacts and surveys provider locations to collect and authenticate any and all key provider demographic data required by you.

How Prime works

PRIME uses a rigorous, detailed methodology to conduct provider outreach, engagement, and authentication. The result is a superior, highly customized experience that ensures the most accurate data in the industry.


Data collection is only part of the solution. The PRIME platform provides automated analysis and full archival capability, enabling full performance assessment, audit, and compliance monitoring capabilities.


Effective outreach requires skilled, experienced staff that understand the workflow, contact challenges and idiosyncrasies that range from individual providers to multi-site health systems. The PRIME provider team is trained, experienced and motivated to deliver a timely, high-quality result.


The PRIME platform enables easy self-updation by providers. Click here to go to the provider self-update portal.

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