Provider Data Directory Software

Say goodbye to your provider directory designer

Once your provider data is cleansed and validated, you need to get it to the people who need it. Creating a provider directory through an automated process that produces PDFs ready to go directly to press is one way to accomplish this task.

Introducing PRIME Provider Directory. Our unique automated directory production interface allows you to customize the way your directory looks, ensuring that it’s clean and easy to read. Better design means better information, and better information means happier members.

How Prime Data Directory works

Over 20 user-friendly templates that can be configured to meet your requirement. A simple menu lets you choose layouts, templates, fonts, borders, headings and other design elements.


Static material content and cleansed provider data to create directory listings based on formats that include tables of contents, indexes and any special page requirements. 


PDFs in hours, depending on the number of pages. Review online, and receive electronically or at your printer.

Get your directory designed by technology

Get your directories made in minutes with accuracy. Choose from layouts and templates.

Anyone can design your directory

The user-friendly format ensures that anyone on your team can get PDF directories made quickly.