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Whitepaper: An Assessment of Data Accuracy and Volatility 

Updated January 2018

Why should health plans switch to a proactive data validation process?  Our latest whitepaper examines the scope of the data accuracy challenge and showcases how you can stay in compliance with regulators while at the same time, reduce disruption and improve member satisfaction with your plan directory and services. 

We have found that 40% of directory records have had some sort of data change.  Read on to see the full scope of the challenge in keeping your provider directory data up to date.

Snippet: The volatility of provider data (the rate at which provider demographic information changes) can range from 1% to 3% per month. This means that fully one third of the data published in a provider directory can be out-of-date and inaccurate within the course of one year, and that assumes the source data was 100% accurate to begin with. As the findings within will show, that assumption would be incorrect in essentially any instance.

This study focuses on the types of changes that cause a directory entry to be considered inaccurate from the perspective of a health plan member. Thus, we evaluated only the primary directory information necessary to select a health plan product or to contact a provider office to make an appointment.

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