Atlas Systems

PRIME is a product of Atlas Systems. Atlas delivers strategic software solutions and services that enhance our client’s business by providing competitive advantages in innovation, reliability and time to market that have positive impact on their bottom lines.

Atlas Systems is committed to delivering the software solutions and technology services that gave our global and mid-market clients a competitive advantage in terms of innovation, reliability, and time to market.

Making a Difference

Atlas Systems Inc. is a leading technology innovator and provider of software solutions, offering software and service solutions to global and mid-market companies in a range of different industries, including ISV, Energy, Financial Services, FMCG, Healthcare, Hospitality and Media & Entertainment. We provide proprietary products like PRIME® and ComplyScore®. We provide comprehensive range of solutions in the area of Technology, GRC, Provider and Oracle to customers across the globe. Our goal is to deliver business solutions through competitively priced products and services to our clients that adds business value and impacts their bottom line positively.